Sunday, December 05, 2004

Why Now

I am frequently asked why now, why am I at this particular point , now relaunching. I did not stop designing. In november 2001, I left the downtown showroom, intent on retailing privately. At that time my close friend was fighting cance and I made a conscious descision to spend as muh time with her as possible, In december 2001 My brother was murdered, from then till earlir this year , when his widow passed away I was constantly dealing with the lossof lovedones, relatives and friends and the loss suffeed by friends. It was Impossible to dreate clothing when the rst of the world was in pain so I created solution. The designing mind never ceases, it may refocus but will ultimately find solutions.
The events have drasticaly affected my designs.
Color was my signature, Formerly brighter, bolder , daring, The colors are subtler, in fact in 2003 They were Blue, A collectin called 'NYC Blues'
In 2004 I worked with textile designer Clyde Johnson, He provided the color, I the Silhouette, and Bonnie and Clyde was born.
This year I began designing In white, someting i have never done since I began exploring fashion @ 12yrs.
I Have no Idea wher i will go next
i realise that i am An extremely prolific designer. To Ignore what my mind has given birth to wold have been berying my Talent!.

Unfortunately , our current culture stresses sales and profit as a sign of success. I have seen many gifted designers abandontheir talent. in the quest for "success' Maybe what needs to be changed i sthe perception, ackowlegement and rewards for genuine design talent!
currently i have picked up the exploration of my culture with the celebration of 100th Anniversary of Carnival!

You will find links to all components of my repetoire as we go along!

Raison d'etre

or something to that effect!It's strange to designated something as a "new design"! designs are an evolution, A progression built on past experiences and new viewpoints. Some of these may reach the retail floor. Some may be privately aquired, maybe adapted to other collections. There are may lines and businesses that profess to be "Designers' out there! That is a responsibility and title that should be honoured. Please feel free to coment . I value your contribution!